Understanding Mold Inspection

Have you thought about the potential that mold may be in your home? Maybe it is an idle lingering type of thought that just occurs to you periodically, or after a hefty downpour that sits over the head for days at a time. For other households, who have an active rusty water stain, bubbling paint, peeling wallpaper, or even dripping drops falling into a room, mold is a very real concern.  Molds can affect the air quality in your home and could lead to sickness. For this reason, removing and inspecting for mold in Chevy Chase area is crucial to avoid various disease related to mold contamination in the air.

Why Test For Mold?
Many people assume they should just let the wet spot dry out and expect that will do away with any mold. There are two problems here. One is that water does not necessarily dry out, and conveniently mold disappears. The problem is that water can fester in a wall, under a roof line, and in the very foundation of a home long before the paint starts peeling or it starts raining indoors.

The issue is that long before this happens, the mold will have started growing quietly burgeoning as the household members experience long bouts of colds, breathing problems and the like. While not everyone is sensitive or allergic to mold, there are still compelling reasons to test for mold and remove it if it is present in your home. It turns out some types of mold are known to cause cancer.

Mold Testing Kits
Well, if you do believe you may have mold, you could purchase a mold testing kit. The major drawback is that you would have to buy a lot of mold testing kits to identify truly if there is mold present. Beyond that, it can get expensive and time-consuming.

Also, it is tough to predict water’s path of destruction. It might have started at the way the tippy top of the roof, but somehow snaked its way down through into the kitchen, and the bedrooms only on one side of the home, where you would least expect it.

Instead, hire a mold remediation service to come into your home to perform mold testing. They can also create a plan for safely drying out your home, replacing wet materials, and providing mold remediation and removal.

Mold Testing Methods
Professionals may provide testing for mold through air samples or surfaces to narrow down whether there is mold. There are mold spore trap samples that can be put through a spore sampling mechanism. They will usually partially stick to surfaces just as easily as flowing through the air. That means either method of testing should be effective.

From there, the lab will test the air or surface swabs to find out if they contain mold or not. The contents of the spore traps are swabbed to identify the types of mold and the count of spores collected.

In short, if you live in a particularly humid environment where there is a lot of rain, snow, ice, moisture, and you believe you may be infested it is worth it to get tested for mold. If you have had a household flood, get tested. Mold causes diseases and standing water damages homes. Take care of the problem to live a happier and more comfortable life in your home.