Mold Inspections Chevy Chase

Mold is something that we can usually see or smell, but sometimes it will hide in our walls or in cracks and corners that we do not see very well. Mold can be very dangerous to our health, so it is important to make sure that we are not breathing it in every day. Mold inspection is something that you should have done once a year to make sure that your family is breathing in healthy, clean air. As you probably know, Mold typically appears in places that are cool, damp, and dark. The requirement for mold inspection Chevy Chase is very high because they needed an independent test performed prior to remediation. Below are some of the common ideas about mold inspection and remediation.

The kitchen

The kitchen is a usual suspect for mold inspections. In the kitchen, we have the kitchen sink, the garbage disposal, and the dishwasher. Each of these can be the cause of moldy areas inside the kitchen. You would be surprised how many people have mold under their kitchen sink and are unaware of it. Whether it is caused by a leaky pipe or a leak in the garbage disposal, mold under the sink is extremely common. If someone has ever had a leak from their dishwasher, then this can also be a cause of mold in the kitchen.

Of course, there are also different kinds of molds that you may find in your refrigerator, but these molds are only dangerous if you ingest them.


Bathrooms are the other most common suspect for people who do mold inspections. Building contractors do as much as they can to prevent the growth of mold in bathrooms by using special wall material, tiles, and high-quality grout. Nevertheless, mold will appear in even the cleanest bathrooms. Growing up, I thought my family was just messy because we had some mold in between the tiles of our shower. Recently, though, I was informed that mold in grout happens to everyone, and it is impossible to get cleaned. It is best to get your shower re-grouted every few years.

Laundry rooms

Laundry rooms are another area where there is a lot of water. While there may not be a lot of leaks that come from your washing machine, it is still important to have this room checked out. Like we said, mold can be hiding in the smallest places, and only a mold inspector will be able to locate these hard to find molds. Even if your washing machine only overflowed once, if the water was not drained properly, then the chances of mold are high.

Children’s Rooms

It is scary that children’s rooms are a common area for mold, and this is why you should be sure to get a mold inspection each year. Humidifiers are one of the main culprits for causing mold in a child’s room. There are some that leak or create too much humidity in the rooms. Another popular cause are the actions of your children. Sometimes they spill water or leave a wet towel on the floor. These actions can cause mold to grow in the carpet.